Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why effective communication skills are important.

Communication is an inevitable process, especially in modern society where personal, social, and organizational boundaries are disappearing. Without communicating with environment, one may not be able to survive in this highly competitive world. As “only the fittest survives”, at the end of the story, only people who are equipped with most effective communication skills are the ones who climb up to the top of hierarchy, while people with no communication skills in whatsoever areas will just be annihilated.

Importance of communication can be shown in other areas apart from hierarchy as well. With effective communication skill, one may use less resource than required. People with better communication skill will be able to transfer his thoughts, ideas, emotion better and more effectively, which may in return enable them to save time and other means of resource that were required during the communication.

Moreover, effective communication skill may also allow people to deepen their relationship with each other. One may give feedback to another while they are listening, and the speaker may know the emotions that the listener is feeling. In this process, a speaker with effective communication skill will not talk in a way which might offend the listener. This method may at the same time let both speaker and listener know each other better, and thus, extending their relationship further.

Those were the reasons why I think the effective communication skills are important to not only me, but to everyone. I hope that I could acquire the skills that are taught in ES2007S module and fully utilize them so that I can be a successful communicator.


  1. I see that you have flushed out some of the important features of the importance communication. From what I can gather from your blog, you have suggested that effective communication allows one to climb the ladder of success, save time and resoruces and improve social correspondences. I fully agree with these points. If I didn't, I wouldn't have chosen to take the ES2007S module anyway.

    Of all the points that you have mentioned,I feel that the most prudent would be the ability of an effective communicator to survive in a world that can be quite cuthroat.Certainly in any industrialised society, a person's "fittest" should encompass the ability to communicate effectively. Someone who cannot communicate could be marginalisd and perhaps even exploited, especially in the working world.

  2. hey.. i think you have raised some great points in the article. Communication is important in saving time and resources during work. However i think that though it is important, it is not the main factor to bring a person to the top of the hierarchy for whatever organisation. His/her capability and charisma do play a part too.

    Communication defintely helps a lot in strengthening and the understanding of people around us. It is getting more important in today's world especially with the rise of the new "emo"tional generation of people. however, i believe if you can illustrate your points with some real life examples, it would be much more interesting. :)